Thinking of Having a Ceilidh for Your Wedding?

Thinking of Having a Ceilidh for Your Wedding?

Here Are Some Tips From The Top

First of all, congratulations! You’ve picked your flowers, the entrées, and all is going well until your friend says… ‘are you having a ceilidh?’

We all remember those school discos, guzzling lemonade while looking at the vast divide between boys and girls…

Thank goodness we’ve all grown up since then – well, grown up enough to drink, anyway. Ceilidhs are far from formal, so all you need to do is grab a partner and get stuck in!

Here’s Bowreed’s quick guide to whether you should have a ceilidh

I Don’t Know The Dances

Hardly anyone does. Bowreed have a full time dance instructor who calls the dances throughout the evening, talking people through the dances and making sure that everyone knows what to do.

Top tip: If you have a request for dancing style, be it Scottish, Irish or American, let us know when asking for a quote. It won’t affect the price in any way and will make your night a bespoke whirlwind of dancing.

We Have A Lot Of Non-Scottish/Irish Guests At The Wedding

Everyone, big or small, loves a ceilidh. You can go to a disco anywhere, but a ceilidh is a magical experience for your wedding guests, be they aliens from Mars or in-laws from Maidenhead.

Barn Dance Band Bowreed

I Don’t Want A Ceilidh For The Whole Night

No problem. Here at Bowreed, we know that some people want a whole night of ceilidh while some want to finish off the evening with a bespoke DJ service. If you are having a disco at the end, do let us know when asking for a quote. It is far more cost effective to hire us to do both ceilidh & disco than to book two separate solutions.

How Much Do You Charge?

The big question! What we charge depends on a few factors. Namely:

  • The amount of time that the band has to be there.
  • The size of the venue
  • The distance of travel
  • The number of band members

Some bands add a packet for travelling, but we charge a single flat rate for the whole of England. That means whether your event is in Cornwall or Kent, you’ll be paying a fair amount. The venue is important because larger venues and crowds need more amplification. A small venue means the band can bring less equipment, reducing the cost. If you choose one of our extended line-ups, or go for the reduced two musician plus caller package, it can also affect the price one way or the other.

How Do I Get A Quote?

Ask us! We’re very up front with our prices and will happily give a no obligation quote on request If you’re stuck for what to write, try this as a template:

Dear Bowreed,

Please could you provide a quote for a wedding at your venue here on this date at these times. I’d like a Scottish/Irish themed ceilidh for most of the night and a disco for the last part of the evening. There will be about X guests. 

What If The Disco Is Pants?

So you want the DJ package? Great! Now how do we make it a success?

The key to a good disco is to remember that you’re the boss. You can pick what songs are played, and you can even choose the order. You can give us a sample list of 10, or a monster list of hundreds of songs and we’ll make sure your playlist only plays what you want to hear.

Wedding DJ Ceilidh

Can We Do A Ceilidh For Our First Dance?

Of course! We’ve been playing weddings a long time, and have seen all kinds of weird and wonderful first dances. The ones that really stick in our memory are the ceilidh first dances. You can do a waltz, a couples dance that turns into a mass ceilidh for everyone or a mixture of both. If you ask far enough in advance, we may even write you a personal tune to mark your special occasion…

So ends Bowreed’s guide to a ceilidh wedding. Whatever you do – we wish you all the best!

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