What’s the Difference Between Our Ceilidh Line Ups?

What’s the Difference Between Our Ceilidh Line Ups?


Hello Bowreed fans. I’ve had a few emails asking what the difference is between our varying ceilidh line ups, so I thought I’d write a post to help you all out!

I’ll start from the bottom. All our line-ups include a caller, so the number (one-piece, two-piece etc) refers to the musicians present at your event. This allows us to accommodate a range of budgets and venues so everyone can enjoy the magic of a ceilidh. You can see some of our ceilidhs in action over on our media page.

Two-Piece & Caller

  • Our most affordable line-up
  • Includes two musicians. You can choose from:
    • Accordion & fiddle
    • Guitar & fiddle
    • Accordion & guitar
  • Perfect for smaller venues or intimate parties

Three-Piece & Caller

  • Our most popular line-up
  • Musicians are fiddle, accordion & guitar
  • A great value line-up that can fit in anywhere. It’s the most popular for a reason!
  • Great, full sound

Five-piece & Caller

  • Our blockbuster line-up!
  • Musicians are fiddle, accordion, guitar, bass guitar & drum kit
    •  Double bass and/or bodhran drum available on request
  • An absolutely fantastic night for all. Jaw dropping drum fills and funky bass licks flesh out our already dynamic core band for an experience which will stick with you for a lifetime.
  • Perfect for large venues, audiences and dancing appetites!

Don’t forget, we also do solo musician packages. This means you can walk down the aisle to your favourite celtic tune, or have a fiddler welcome your wedding guests to the evening entertainment.

I hope this information helps you to plan your night with us. Head on over to our contact page for a no obligation quote. Until then, keep on dancing.

Fred Holden


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