Why Do We Love Ceilidhs?

Festival season is almost over, and ceilidhs have been cropping up all round the country. We have the privilege of doing this for a living, and it’s something we’re passionate about. Here’s why.

A ceilidh band is different from any other function band. Rather than bonding people through cheesy songs we all know, we draw on the timeless tradition of country dancing. As avid ceilidh goers ourselves, we are used to being on both sides of the stage. The feeling of togetherness experienced when dancing with close friends or strangers is without comparison.

Unless we’re particularly blessed, we all have a slight anxiety when showing off our moves on the dance floor. Will she think I’m a weirdo? Will he think I’m ungraceful? Will they laugh at me behind my back? With a ceilidh you can put these fears to rest. Everyone is in the same boat, everyone dances together as a team and everyone is joined together in the spirit of ceilidh dancing. The caller is watching like a hawk for anyone struggling and always happy to lend a helping hand. Sometimes they might even join in the fray! Once the caller led a conga of dancers out the door, round the building, and back inside again! You never know what’s going to happen at a ceilidh, but you can always guarantee it will be fun.

Here at Bowreed, we’ve been playing for ceilidhs and barn dances for years. It’s what we do. We’re honoured to continue the tradition and to make people smile while doing it. If you’re booking an activity for your wedding, party or event we implore you: make it a ceilidh!

If you’re interested in learning more about ceilidhs, head on over to our What’s a Ceilidh page to see one in action!

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